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Loving Couple (January 2009)

‘… I would never leave your side, through failure, or sickness.’

You have just finished talking and it’s hard for me to accept what you’ve said. We often disagree, but at this moment we are worlds apart, yet somehow see eye to eye. I wish I could disagree, so you could always be happy. For the pain now, would avoid the slow intense burn of having to suffer alongside me.

I speak and tell you ‘I would never leave your side. Those vows guide my life and I would never bow out because life was increasingly tough. If I could leave so easily, then you wouldn't have been the one. You are the only person in the world that I could do that for.’

I continue, ‘there were many before you’, I pause and wink, bringing a smile to your face, ‘but you will be the last.’

You stare into my eyes, mouth agape, not knowing what to say. In this moment, you’ve said more than enough, all without speaking. I always thought I had seen the best of you; the very first time that we met, and we both recognized there was more. Next was the proposal, and we both knew the future was fantastic. That was followed by our marriage day, and we both recognized there was a friendship for life. Even recently by the soft light of the honeymoon, and we both knew the passion would last forever.

But today, I am convinced, is the pinnacle. Although right now, your face says we are not done rising together. From the pinnacle we stand at today, you tell me the stars await. And as life continues, we know we will become lost together. You still have yet to utter a word, but the lone tear rolling down your face speaks volumes.

It says that you are here for me, in the best and worst of times. It says that you will never forget, regardless of what the future holds. It says that your love for me will never fade, impervious to any temptations that may come our way.

All of this time we are staring into each other's eyes; what has been minutes has felt like seconds. I hold my arms out and you step softly into my embrace. I can no longer control my emotions, as my tears escape. I usually question what you are thinking, but not at this moment. I whisper softly in your ear, as I stand both confident and vulnerable…

I love you.